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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yeah!!! a day with a big smile...much much more....a little bit busy with work, complete last day submission of FORM E..have a good teamwork make my work going easy and smooth.
Credit to Mr.Martin..cayalah..even u younger than me, but u have a brave attitude n open minded..i really sure that u don't know my age kan kan kan..hahahha..coz i pretty sure that u judge me from my phisical..look younger than it..(',) smile again...24 dah la!!! 
Then, today we receive an email mentioned that our gaji sudah masuk..yehaaaaa...tak sabarnyer rasa...bukan apa, i juz want know my income after comfirm working with this company...huhuhuhuhu, sukanyer..naik dah gaji!!!!...lurve it..much much more!!! TQ bossssss....than others, TQ gak belanja makan staff for celebrating 1 of our staff resigned today... Hurmmmm, i lurve ur word which is 'kerja takder tunggu, for your work!..then along my journey, i juz think your word..yeah!!! for bOsss kerja takder tunggu tungu, coz income came from kerja!!! gud gud gud....
So, balik kerja terus buat budgeting..take a pen n diary..conteng budget for more outstanding budget..juz for remind myself, April maybe have prepare for the money!! nak claim tunggu hujung bulan....adushhhhh